Factoring & Supply Chain Finance Limited (“FSF”) is a provider of trade solutions, offering a wide range of services. With the face of trade changing and for your business to continue on its growth trajectory, you need a trusted partner that can deliver creative solutions for your increasingly complex needs. Our team works with SMEs and Large Corporates. By working in partnership with our customers, we help them make better-informed trade and business decisions.

Our comprehensive suite of products and services can be combined into global solutions that help make it easier for businesses to manage risk, process transactions and fund trade activities.

We help customers simplify the management of the business operations involved in growing the domestic and export markets. The wide range of services and innovative solutions we deliver include the following products and services:

In a rapidly changing environment, gaining increase control of your Supply Chain and trade activities will have a large impact on the business. FSF Trade & Supply Chain team assists customers in implementing efficient and optimal financing structures; designed to meet their trade and working capital requirements. Our experts can also work with you to offer solutions using Export Credit Agencies (ECAs). We can help unlock working capital tied up in supply chain.

We are poised to exploiting the huge opportunities in the underserved factoring & supply chain space in the financial services industry. FSF is committed to exploring new and pragmatic ways to serve and add value to our clients across the value chain and within our circle of influence.

We are equally a member of Factors Chain International (FCI), the umbrella body of all Factoring firms globally.